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PassLeader Premium Fortinet NSE8 Exam Dumps in VCE and PDF for Free Previewing (Question 21 – Question 25)

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You are managing a FortiAnalyzer appliance. After an upgrade, you notice that the unit no longer displays historical logs, reports do not produce any data, and FortiView summary views are empty. However, you notice that the unit is receiving logs on the dashboard widgets. Which step resolves this problem?

A.    Execute the CLI command exec sql-local rebuild-db.
B.    Execute the CLI command diag sql remove hcache.
C.    Execute the CLI command exec sql-local reinsert-logs.
D.    Restore the unit settings from a previous backup.

Answer: A

You have received an issue report about users not being able to use a video conferencing application. This application uses two UDP ports and two TCP ports to communicate with servers on the Internet. The network engineering team has confirmed there is no routing problem. You are given a copy of the FortiGate configuration. Which three configuration objects will you inspect to ensure that no policy is blocking this traffic? (Choose three.)

A.    config firewall interface-policy
B.    config firewall DoS-policy
C.    config firewall policy
D.    config firewall multicast-policy
E.    config firewall sniffer-policy

Answer: BCE

You notice that your FortiGate’s memory usage is very high and that the unit’s performance is adversely affected. You want to reduce memory usage. Which three commands would meet this requirement? (Choose three.)


Answer: ADE

The SECOPS team in your company has started a new project to store all logging data in a disaster recovery center. All FortiGates will log to a secondary FortiAnalyzer and establish a TCP session to send logs to the syslog server. Which two configurations will achieve this goal? (Choose two.)


Answer: AC

You want to enable traffic between 2001:db8:1::/64 and 2001:db8:2::/64 over the public 1Pv4 Internet. Given the CLI configuration shown on the exhibit, which two additional settings are required on this device to implement tunneling for the 1Pv6 transition? (Choose two.)

A.    1Pv4 firewall policies to allow traffic between the local and remote 1Pv6 subnets.
B.    1Pv6 static route to the destination phase2 destination subnet.
C.    1Pv4 static route to the destination phase2 destination subnet.
D.    1Pv6 firewall policies to allow traffic between the local and remote 1Pv6 subnets.

Answer: D

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