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Four FortiGate devices configured for OSPF connected to the same broadcast domain. The first unit is elected as the designated router The second unit is elected as the backup designated router Under normal operation, how many OSPF full adjacencies are formed to each of the other two units?

A.    1
B.    2
C.    3
D.    4

Answer: B

Examine the following partial output from a sniffercommand; then answer the question below.
# diagnose sniff packet any ‘icmp’ 4
2.101199 wan2 in -> icmp: echo request
2.1011400 wanl out -> icmp: echo request
2.123500 wan2 out -> icmp: echo reply 244 packets received by filter 5 packets dropped by kernel
What is the meaning of the packets dropped counter at the end of the sniffer?

A.    Number of packets that didn’t match the sniffer filter.
B.    Number oftotal packets dropped by the FortiGate.
C.    Number of packets that matched the sniffer filter and were dropped by the FortiGate.
D.    Number of packets that matched the sniffer filter but could not be captured by the sniffer.

Answer: C

Examine the following traffic log; then answer the question below.
date-20xx-02-01 time=19:52:01 devname=masterdevice_id=”xxxxxxx” log_id=0100020007 type=event subtype=system pri critical vd=root service=kemel status=failure msg=”NAT port is exhausted.”
What does the log mean?

A.    There is not enough available memory in the system to create a new entry in the NAT port table.
B.    The limit for the maximum number of simultaneous sessions sharing the same NAT port has been reached.
C.    FortiGate does not have any available NAT port for a new connection.
D.    The limit for the maximum number of entries in the NAT port table has been reached.

Answer: B

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