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When an administrator attempts to manage FortiGate from an IP address that is not a trusted host, what happens?

A.    FortiGate will still subject that person’s traffic to firewall policies; it will not bypass them.
B.    FortiGate will drop the packets and not respond.
C.    FortiGate responds with a block message, indicating that it will not allow that person to log in.
D.    FortiGate responds only if the administrator uses a secure protocol. Otherwise, it does not respond.

Answer: B

A backup file begins with this line:
#config-version=FGVM64-5.02-FW-build589-140613:opmode=0:vdom=0:user=admin #conf_file_ver=3881503152630288414 #buildno=0589 #global_vdom=1
Can you restore it to a FortiWiFi 60D?

A.    Yes.
B.    Yes, but only if you replace the “#conf_file_ver” line so that it contains the serial number of that specific FortiWiFi 60D.
C.    Yes, but only if it is running the same version of FortiOS, or a newer compatible version.
D.    No.

Answer: D

Examine this log entry. What does the log indicate? (Choose three.)
date=2013-12-04 time=09:30:18 logid=0100032001 type=event subtype=system level=information vd=”root” user=”admin” ui=http( action=login status=success reason=none profile=”super_admin” msg=”Administrator admin logged in successfully from http(”

A.    In the GUI, the log entry was located under “Log & Report > Event Log > User”.
B.    In the GUI, the log entry was located under “Log & Report > Event Log > System”.
C.    In the GUI, the log entry was located under “Log & Report > Traffic Log > Local Traffic”.
D.    The connection was encrypted.
E.    The connection was unencrypted.
F.    The IP of the FortiGate interface that “admin” connected to was
G.    The IP of the computer that “admin” connected from was

Answer: BEG

Where are most of the security events logged?

A.    Security log
B.    Forward Traffic log
C.    Event log
D.    Alert log
E.    Alert Monitoring Console

Answer: C

What determines whether a log message is generated or not?

A.    Firewall policy setting
B.    Log Settings in the GUI
C.    ‘config log’ command in the CLI
D.    Syslog
E.    Webtrends

Answer: A

Which of the following are considered log types? (Choose three.)

A.    Forward log
B.    Traffic log
C.    Syslog
D.    Event log
E.    Security log

Answer: BDE

What attributes are always included in a log header? (Choose three.)

A.    policyid
B.    level
C.    user
D.    time
E.    subtype
F.    duration

Answer: BDE

What log type would indicate whether a VPN is going up or down?

A.    Event log
B.    Security log
C.    Forward log
D.    Syslog

Answer: A

Which correctly define “Section View” and “Global View” for firewall policies? (Choose two.)

A.    Section View lists firewall policies primarily by their interface pairs.
B.    Section View lists firewall policies primarily by their sequence number.
C.    Global View lists firewall policies primarily by their interface pairs.
D.    Global View lists firewall policies primarily by their policy sequence number.
E.    The ‘any’ interface may be used with Section View.

Answer: AD

What protocol cannot be used with the active authentication type?

A.    Local
C.    LDAP
D.    RSSO

Answer: D

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