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Given the following error message:
FortiManager fails to import policy ID 1. What is the problem?

A.    FortiManager already has Address LAN which has interface mapping set to “internal” in its database, it is contradicting with the STUDENT-2 FortiGate device which has address LAN mapped to “any”.
B.    FortiManager already has address LAN which has interface mapping set to “any” in its database; this conflicts with the STUDENT-2 FortiGate device which has address “LAN” mapped to “internal”.
C.    Policy ID 1 for this managed FortiGate device already exists on the FortiManager policy package named STUDENT-2.
D.    Policy ID 1 does not have interface mapping on FortiManager.

Answer: D

You are an administrator of FortiGate devices that use FortiManager for central management. You need to add a policy on an ADOM, but upon selecting the ADOM drop-down list, you notice that the ADOM is in locked state. Workflow mode is enabled on your FortiManager to define approval or notification workflow when creating and installing policy changes. What caused this problem?

A.    Another administrator has locked the ADOM and is currently working on it.
B.    There is pending approval waiting from a previous modification.
C.    You need to use set workspace-mode workflow on the CLI.
D.    You have read-only permission on Workflow Approve in the administrator profile.

Answer: D

You are asked to design a secure solution using Fortinet products for a company. The company recently has Web servers that were exploited and defaced. The customer has also experienced Denial or Service due to SYN Flood attacks. Taking this into consideration, the customer’s solution should have the following requirements:
– Management requires network-based content filtering with man-in-the-middle inspection.
– The customer has no existing public key infrastructure but requires centralized certificate management.
– Users are tracked by their active directory username without installing any software on their hosts.
– Web servers that have been exploited need to be protected from the OW ASP Top 10.
– Notification of high volume SYN Flood attacks when a threshold has been triggered.
Which three solutions satisfy these requirements? (Choose three.)

A.    FortiGate
B.    FortiCiient
C.    FortiWeb
D.    FortiAuthenticator
E.    FortiDDOS

Answer: ACE

The FortiGate is used as an IPsec gateway at a branch office. Two tunnels, tunA and tunB, are established between this FortiGate and the headquarters’ IPsec gateway. The branch office’s subnet is The headquarters’ subnet is The desired usage for tunA and tunB has been defined as follows:
– Sessions initiated from to must be routed out over tunA when tunA is up.
– Sessions initiated from to have to be routed out over tunB when tunA is down.
– Sessions initiated from can ingress either on tunA or on tunB.
Which static routing configuration meets the requirements?

Answer: C

You must establish a BGP peering with a service provider. The provider has supplied you with BGP peering parameters and basic configuration shown in the your FortiGate unit. You notice that your peering session is not coming up. Which three missing configuration statements are needed to make this configuration functional? (Choose three.)


Answer: CDE

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