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[7-Apr-2024] New PassLeader FortiManager 7.2 NSE5_FMG-7.2 Dumps with VCE and PDF (New Questions)

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Which two items does an FGFM keepalive message include? (Choose two.)

A.    FortiGate uptime.
B.    FortiGate license information.
C.    FortiGate configuration checksum.
D.    FortiGate IPS version.

Answer: CD
Keepalive messages, including the configuration checksums, are sent from FortiGate at configured intervals. The messages also show the intrusion prevention system (IPS) version of the FortiGate device.

What is the purpose of the Policy Check feature on FortiManager?

A.    It compares the policy packages with the revision history, and updates policy packages in the ADOM database.
B.    It provides recommendations for optimizing policies in a policy package.
C.    It merges and creates dynamic mappings for duplicate objects used in a policy package.
D.    It provides recommendations to combine similar policy packages within an ADOM into one single policy package.

Answer: B

What will be the result of reverting to a previous revision version in the revision history?

A.    It will generate a new version ID and remove all other revision history versions.
B.    It will install configuration changes to managed device automatically.
C.    It will tag the device settings status as Auto-Update.
D.    It will modify the device-level database.

Answer: D

Which two items are included in the FortiManager backup? (Choose two.)

A.    FortiGuard database.
B.    Firmware images.
C.    Flash configuration.
D.    All devices.

Answer: CD

Push updates are failing on a FortiGate device that is located behind a NAT device. Which two settings should the administrator check? (Choose two.)

A.    That the virtual IP address and correct ports are set on the NAT device.
B.    That the override server IP address is set on FortiManager and the NAT device.
C.    That the external IP address on the NAT device is set to DHCP and configured with the virtual IP.
D.    That the NAT device IP address and correct ports are configured on FortiManager.

Answer: AD

What does a policy package status of Conflict indicate?

A.    The policy configuration has never been imported after a device was registered on FortiManager.
B.    The policy package does not have FortiGate as the installation target.
C.    The policy package configuration has been changed on both FortiManager and the managed device independently.
D.    The policy package reports inconsistencies and conflicts during a Policy Consistency Check.

Answer: C
Conflict: If you make policy configuration changes locally on FortiGate and don’t import the changes into the policy package, and you also made the changes on FortiManager, the status enters conflict state. Depending on the configuration changes, you can either import a policy package or install the changes from FortiManager.

An administrator has assigned a global policy package to custom ADOM1. Then the administrator creates a new policy package, Fortinet, in the custom ADOM1. What will happen to the Fortinet policy package when it is created?

A.    You need to assign the global policy package from the global ADOM.
B.    You can select the option to assign the global policies.
C.    You need to reapply the global policy package to the ADOM.
D.    It automatically assigns the global policies.

Answer: D
When a new policy package is created in a custom ADOM (Administrative Domain) that already has a global policy package assigned to it, FortiManager automatically applies the global policies to the newly created policy package. This means that the global header and footer policies, which are part of the global policy package assigned to the ADOM, will be automatically included in the new policy package. This helps ensure consistency in policy enforcement across all policy packages within the ADOM and simplifies the management of common policies across different devices or sites managed within the same ADOM.

What is the advantage of using FortiManager to manage FortiAnalyzer?

A.    It allows FortiManager to manage all FortiGate devices.
B.    It allows FortiManager to run reports based on FortiAnalyzer.
C.    It allows FortiManager to store all managed FortiGate device logs.
D.    It allows FortiManager to act as a collector and FortiAnalyzer device.

Answer: B
FortiManager gives visibility into the logs on FortiAnalyzer, providing a single pane of glass on FortiManager. When FortiManager manages a FortiAnalyzer device, all configuration and data is kept on FortiAnalyzer to support the following FortiAnalyzer features:
– FortiView
– LogView
– Incidents & Events
– Reports

Which two statements about Security Fabric integration with FortiManager are true? (Choose two.)

A.    The Fabric View module enables you to generate the Security Fabric ratings for Security Fabric devices.
B.    The Security Fabric settings are part of the device-level settings.
C.    The Fabric View module enables you to view the Security Fabric ratings for Security Fabric devices.
D.    The Security Fabric license, group name, and password are required for the FortiManager Security Fabric integration.

Answer: BC

An administrator’s PC crashes before the administrator can submit a workflow session for approval. After the PC is restarted, the administrator notices that the ADOM was locked from the session before the crash. How can the administrator unlock the ADOM?

A.    Restore the configuration from a previous backup.
B.    Delete the previous admin session manually through the FortiManager GUI or CLI.
C.    Log in as Super_User in order to unlock the ADOM.
D.    Log in using the same administrator account to unlock the ADOM.

Answer: B
If a connection to FortiManager unexpectedly closes (PC crashed or browser closed) while an ADOM is locked, it will remain locked until the administrator session times out or the session is deleted. You can delete administrator sessions on the GUI or CLI. After the previous session is deleted, the ADOM will be unlocked immediately.

An administrator configures a new OSPF route on FortiManager and has not yet pushed the changes to the managed FortiGate device. In which database will the configuration be saved?

A.    Revision history database.
B.    ADOM-level database.
C.    Configuration-level database.
D.    Device-level database.

Answer: D

What is the purpose of ADOM revisions?

A.    To save the FortiManager configuration in the System Checkpoints.
B.    To revert individual policy packages and device-level settings for a managed FortiGate.
C.    To save the current state of the whole ADOM.
D.    To save the current state of all policy packages and objects for an ADOM.

Answer: D

An administrator has enabled Service Access on FortiManager. What is the purpose of Service Access on the FortiManager interface?

A.    It allows FortiManager to determine the connection status of managed devices.
B.    It allows administrative access to FortiManager.
C.    It allows third-party applications to gain read/write access to FortiManager.
D.    It allows FortiManager to respond to requests for FortiGuard services from FortiGate devices.

Answer: D
Select the Fortinet services that are allowed access on this interface. These include FortiGate Updates and Web Filtering. Service access is not enabled on any port by default.


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