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[6-Mar-2024] New PassLeader SD-WAN 7.2 NSE7_SDW-7.2 Dumps with VCE and PDF (New Questions)

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What are two advantages of using an IPsec recommended template to configure an IPsec tunnel in an hub-and-spoke topology? (Choose two.)

A.    It ensures consistent settings between phase1 and phase2.
B.    It guides the administrator to use Fortinet recommended settings.
C.    The VPN monitor tool provides additional statistics for tunnels defined with an IPsec recommended template.
D.    It automatically install IPsec tunnels to every spoke when they are added to the FortiManager ADOM.

Answer: AB

Which statement is correct about SD-WAN and ADVPN?

A.    SD-WAN can steer traffic to ADVPN shortcuts only for rules defined with strategy manual or best quality.
B.    SD-WAN does not monitor the health and performance of ADVPN shortcuts.
C.    SD-WAN cannot steer traffic to ADVPN shortcuts established over IPSec overlays if the zone contains physical interfaces.
D.    SD-WAN can steer traffic to ADVPN shortcuts established over IPsec overlays configured as SD-WAN members.

Answer: D

Which two statements about the SD-WAN members are true? (Choose two.)

A.    Interfaces of type virtual wire pair can be used as SD-WAN members.
B.    You can manually define the SD-WAN members sequence number.
C.    An SD-WAN member can belong to two or more SD-WAN zones.
D.    Interfaces of type VLAN can be used as SD-WAN members.

Answer: BD

Within IPsec tunnel templates available on FortiManager, which template will you use to configure static tunnels for a hub and spoke topology?

A.    Hub_IPsec_Recommended
B.    Static_IPsec_Recommended
C.    IPsec Fortinet Recommended
D.    Branch IPsec Recommended

Answer: A

The administrator uses the FortiManager SD-WAN overlay template to prepare an SD-WAN deployment. With information provided through the SD-WAN overlay template wizard, FortiManager creates templates ready to install on spoke and hub devices. Select three templates created by the SD-WAN overlay template for a spoke device. (Choose three.)

A.    IPsec tunnel template.
B.    BGP template.
C.    Overlay template.
D.    System template.
E.    CLI template.

Answer: ABE

Which two tasks are part of using central VPN management? (Choose two.)

A.    You can configure full mesh, star, and dial-up VPN topologies.
B.    You must enable VPN zones for SD-WAN deployments.
C.    FortiManager installs VPN settings on both managed and external gateways.
D.    You configure VPN communities to define common IPsec settings shared by all VPN gateways.

Answer: AD

What are two benefits of using forward error correction (FEC) in IPsec VPNs? (Choose two.)

A.    FEC supports hardware offloading.
B.    FEC improves reliability of noisy links.
C.    FEC transmits parity packets that can be used to reconstruct packet loss.
D.    FEC can leverage multiple IPsec tunnels for parity packets transmission.

Answer: BC

What are two common use cases for remote internet access (RIA)? (Choose two.)

A.    Provide direct internet access on spokes.
B.    Provide internet access through the hub.
C.    Centralize security inspection on the hub.
D.    Provide thorough inspection on spokes.

Answer: BC

Which two statements about the SD-WAN zone configuration are true? (Choose two.)

A.    The service-sla-tie-break setting enables you to configure preferred member selection based on the best route to the destination.
B.    You can delete the default zones.
C.    The default zones are virtual-wan-link and SASE.
D.    An SD-WAN member can belong to two or more zones.

Answer: AC

What is a benefit of using application steering in SD-WAN?

A.    The traffic always skips the regular policy routes.
B.    You steer traffic based on the detected application.
C.    You do not need to enable SSL inspection.
D.    You do not need to configure firewall policies that accept the SD-WAN traffic.

Answer: B

Which SD-WAN setting enables FortiGate to delay the recovery of ADVPN shortcuts?

A.    hold-down-time
B.    link-down-failover
C.    auto-discovery-shortcuts
D.    idle-timeout

Answer: A

The SD-WAN overlay template helps to prepare SD-WAN deployments. To complete the tasks performed by the SD-WAN overlay template, the administrator must perform some post-run tasks. What are three mandatory post-run tasks that must be performed? (Choose three.)

A.    Assign an sdwan_id metadata variable to each device (branch and hub).
B.    Assign a branch_id metadata variable to each branch device.
C.    Create policy packages for branch devices.
D.    Configure SD-WAN rules.
E.    Configure routing through overlay tunnels created by the SD-WAN overlay template.

Answer: BDE

Which two statements are correct when traffic matches the implicit SD-WAN rule? (Choose two.)

A.    The session information output displays no SD-WAN-specific details.
B.    All SD-WAN rules have the default and gateway setting enabled.
C.    Traffic does not match any of the entries in the policy route table.
D.    Traffic is load balanced using the algorithm set for the v4-ecmp-mode setting.

Answer: AC

In which SD-WAN template field can you use a metadata variable?

A.    You can use metadata variables only to define interface members and the gateway IP.
B.    Any field identified with a dollar sign (S) in a magnifying glass.
C.    Any field identified with an "M" in a circle.
D.    All SD-WAN template fields support metadata variables.

Answer: C

What is true about SD-WAN multiregion topologies?

A.    It is not compatible with ADVPN.
B.    Routing between the hub and spokes must be BGP.
C.    Regions must correspond to geographical areas.
D.    Each region has its own SD-WAN topology.

Answer: D


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