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[23-Aug-2022] New PassLeader Securing AWS with Fortinet Cloud Security 6.4 NSE6_WCS-6.4 Dumps with VCE and PDF (New Questions)

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Your company deployed a FortiSandbox for AWS. Which statement is correct about FortiSandbox for AWS?

A.    FortiSandbox for AWS does not need more resources because it performs only management and analysis tasks.
B.    The FortiSandbox manager is installed on AWS platform and analyzes the results of the sandboxing process received from on-premises Windows instances.
C.    FortiSandbox for AWS comes as hybrid solution. The FortiSandbox manager is installed on-premises and analyzes the results of the sandboxing process received from AWS EC2 instances.
D.    FortiSandbox deploys new EC2 instances with the custom Windows and Linux VMS, then it sends malware, runs it, and captures the results for analysis.

Answer: A

How is traffic failover handled in a FortiGate active-active cluster deployed in AWS?

A.    The elastic load balancer handles traffic failover using FGCP.
B.    The elastic load balancer handles bidirectional traffic failover using a health probe.
C.    All FortiGate cluster members send health probes using a dedicated interface.
D.    All FortiGate cluster members use unicast FGCP.

Answer: B

A customer needs a recursive DNS for AWS VPC and on-premises networks. The customer also wants to create conditional forwarding rules and DNS endpoints to resolve custom names in AWS private hosted zones and on-premises DNS servers. Which Amazon service can be used to achieve this scenario?

A.    AWS mapping service.
B.    Amazon route 53.
C.    AWS DynamoDB service.
D.    AWS Lambda service.

Answer: B

Which two statements are correct about AWS Network Access Control Lists (NACLS)? (Choose two.)

A.    NACLs are stateless responses to allowed inbound traffic are subject to the rules for outbound traffic.
B.    An NACL has separate inbound and outbound rules, and each rule can either allow or deny traffic.
C.    By default, each custom NACL allows all inbound and outbound traffic unless you add new rules.
D.    VPC automatically comes with a modifiable default NACL, and by default it denies all inbound and outbound IPv4 traffic.

Answer: AB

Which AWS product integrates With FortiGate to automate security remediation for workloads running on the AWS platform?

A.    AWS Protector
B.    AWS Inspector
C.    AWS Shield
D.    AWS GuardDuty

Answer: D

A customer deployed an HA Cloud formation to Stage and bootstrap the FortiGate configuration. Which AWS functions are used by FortiGate HA to call the HA failover?

A.    AWS Lambda functions.
B.    AWS Mapping functions.
C.    AWS S3 functions.
D.    AWS DynamoDB functions.

Answer: A

What is the purpose of the created as part of a FortiGate autoscale deployment using Fortinet cloud formation template in AWS?

A.    To store information about varying states of auto scaling conditions.
B.    To Store the information used for the scale set.
C.    To store the traffic logs of all FortiGates.
D.    To store the firewall policies used by all FortiGates.

Answer: A

Which product you Can use as AWS WAF web access control lists (web ACLS) to minimize the effects Of a DDOS attack?

A.    AWS Protector
B.    AWS GuardDuty
C.    AWS Inspector
D.    AWS Shield

Answer: D

As part of the security plan you have been tasked with deploying a FortiGate in AWS. Which two are the security responsibility of the customer in a cloud environment? (Choose two.)

A.    Virtualization platform.
B.    Traffic encryption.
C.    User management.
D.    Storage infrastructure.

Answer: BC

Which statement is true about an Elastic Network Interface (ENI)?

A.    Once ENI detaches from one instance, it cannot reattach to another instance.
B.    You can detach primary ENI from an AWS instance.
C.    An ENI cannot move between AZs.
D.    When you move an ENI, network traffic is not redirected to the new instance.

Answer: C

An MSSP deployed 16 FortiGate VMS with the default AWS security groups and network access lists using an on-demand license from Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. They are using a third-party configuration backup application to back up and track changes for the FortiGate configurations. It can connect to the FortiGate devices using only the SSH protocol. A customer is using the correct username and password configured on the FortiGate devices, but they are unable to log in using the SSH protocol. What can be the reason why this authentication is failing?

A.    The default AWS network access list for FortiGate does not allow SSH.
B.    The AWS key is required to log in to FortiGate using SSH.
C.    AWS uses non-standard SSH port 1025, and the default AWS security groups and NACL for FortiGate are not configured for the port.
D.    The default AWS Security group for FortiGate does not allow SSH.

Answer: B

You want to deploy FortiGate for AWS to protect your production network in the cloud, but you do not need the 2417 support available in the enterprise bundle. Which license model do you choose?

A.    Pay as you go (PAYG).
B.    Bring your own device (BYOD).
C.    Bring your own license (BYOL).
D.    Pay as a bundle (PAYB).

Answer: A

Which three statements are correct about Amazon Web Services networking? (Choose three.)

A.    You can configure instant IP failover in AWS.
B.    You cannot configure gratuitous ARP but you can configure proxy ARP.
C.    You cannot deploy FortiGate in transparent mode in AWS.
D.    You cannot use custom frames in AWS.
E.    You can use unicast the FGCP protocol.

Answer: CDE

Which three statements are correct about VPC flow? (Choose three.)

A.    Flow logs can capture real-time log streams for the network interfaces.
B.    Flow logs do not capture DHCP traffic.
C.    Flow logs can capture traffic to the reserved IP address for the default VPC router.
D.    Flow logs can be used as a security tool to monitor the traffic that is reaching the instance.
E.    Flow logs do not capture traffic to and from for instance metadata.

Answer: BDE

Which three statements are correct about AWS security groups? (Choose three.)

A.    A security group rules are always permissive, you cannot create rules that deny access.
B.    By default, security groups block all outbound traffic.
C.    When associate multiple security groups with an instance, the rules from each security group are effectively aggregated to create one set of rules.
D.    Security groups are statetul.
E.    By default, security groups allow all inbound traffic.

Answer: ACD


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