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[21-Apr-2021] New PassLeader SD-WAN 6.4 NSE7_SDW-6.4 Dumps with VCE and PDF (New Questions)

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Which components make up the secure SD-WAN solution?

A.    FortiGate, FortiManager, FortiAnalyzer, and FortiDeploy.
B.    Application, antivirus, and URL, and SSL inspection.
C.    Datacenter, branch offices, and public cloud.
D.    Telephone, ISDN, and telecom network.

Answer: A

What are the two minimum configuration requirements for an outgoing interface to be selected once the SD-WAN logical interface is enabled? (Choose two.)

A.    Specify outgoing interface routing cost.
B.    Configure SD-WAN rules interface preference.
C.    Select SD-WAN balancing strategy.
D.    Specify incoming interfaces in SD-WAN rules.

Answer: AB

What are two reasons why FortiGate would be unable to complete the zero-touch provisioning process? (Choose two.)

A.    The FortiGate cloud key has not been added to the FortiGate cloud portal.
B.    FortiDeploy has connected with FortiGate and provided the initial configuration to contact FortiManager.
C.    FortiGAte has obtained a configuration from the platform template in FortiGate cloud.
D.    A factory reset performed on FortiGate.
E.    The zero-touch provisioning process has completed internally, behind FortiGate.

Answer: AE

Which two statements reflect the benefits of implementing the ADVPN solution to replace conventional VPN topologies? (Choose two.)

A.    It creates redundant tunnels between hub-and-spokes, in case failure takes place on the primary links.
B.    It dynamically assigns cost and weight between the hub and the spokes, based on the physical distance.
C.    It ensures that spoke-to-spoke traffic no longer needs to flow through the tunnels through the hub.
D.    It provides direct connectivity between all sites by creating on-demand tunnels between spokes.

Answer: CD

In the default SD-WAN minimum configuration, which two statements are correct when traffic matches the default implicit SD-WAN rule? (Choose two.)

A.    Traffic has matched none of the FortiGate policy routes.
B.    Matched traffic failed RPF and was caught by the rule.
C.    The FIB lookup resolved interface was the SD-WAN interface.
D.    An absolute SD-WAN rule was defined and matched traffic.

Answer: AC

Which two statements describe how IPsec phase 1 main mode id different from aggressive mode when performing IKE negotiation? (Choose two.)

A.    A peer ID is included in the first packet from the initiator, along with suggested security policies.
B.    XAuth is enabled as an additional level of authentication, which requires a username and password.
C.    A total of six packets are exchanged between an initiator and a responder instead of three packets.
D.    The use of Diffie Hellman keys is limited by the responder and needs initiator acceptance.

Answer: BC

Which statement defines how a per-IP traffic shaper of 10 Mbps is applied to the entire network?

A.    The 10 Mbps bandwidth is shared equally among the IP addresses.
B.    Each IP is guaranteed a minimum 10 Mbps of bandwidth.
C.    FortiGate allocates each IP address a maximum 10 Mbps of bandwidth.
D.    A single user uses the allocated bandwidth divided by total number of users.

Answer: C

Which three parameters are available to configure SD-WAN rules? (Choose three.)

A.    Application signatures.
B.    Incoming interface.
C.    Internet service database (ISDB) address object.
D.    Source and destination IP address.
E.    Type of physical link connection.

Answer: CDE

Which diagnostic command you can use to show interface-specific SLA logs for the last 10 minutes?

A.    diagnose sys virtual-wan-link health-check
B.    diagnose sys virtual-wan-link log
C.    diagnose sys virtual-wan-link sla-log
D.    diagnose sys virtual-wan-link intf-sla-log

Answer: C

What are two benefits of using FortiManager to organize and manage the network for a group of FortiGate devices? (Choose two.)

A.    It simplifies the deployment and administration of SD-WAN on managed FortiGate devices.
B.    It improves SD-WAN performance on the managed FortiGate devices.
C.    It sends probe signals as health checks to the beacon servers on behalf of FortiGate.
D.    It acts as a policy compliance entity to review all managed FortiGate devices.
E.    It reduces WAN usage on FortiGate devices by acting as a local FortiGuard server.

Answer: AD

What would best describe the SD-WAN traffic shaping mode that bases itself on a percentage of available bandwidth?

A.    Per-IP shaping mode.
B.    Shared policy shaping mode.
C.    Interface-based shaping mode.
D.    Reverse policy shaping mode.

Answer: B

What is the lnkmtd process responsible for?

A.    Flushing route tags addresses.
B.    Monitoring links for any bandwidth saturation.
C.    Logging interface quality information.
D.    Processing performance SLA probes.

Answer: C

Which statement reflects how BGP tags work with SD-WAN rules?

A.    VPN topologies are formed using only BGP dynamic routing with SD-WAN.
B.    Route tags are used for a BGP community and the SD-WAN rules are assigned the same tag.
C.    BGP tags require that the adding of static routes be enabled on all ADVPN interfaces.
D.    BGP tags match the SD-WAN rule based on the order that these rules were installed.

Answer: A

Which statement about using BGP routes in SD-WAN is true?

A.    Adding static routes must be enabled on all ADVPN interfaces.
B.    VPN topologies must be form using only BGP dynamic routing with SD-WAN.
C.    Learned routes can be used as dynamic destinations in SD-WAN rules.
D.    Dynamic routing protocols can be used only with non-encrypted traffic.

Answer: C

What are two roles that SD-WAN orchestrator plays when it works with FortiManager? (Choose two.)

A.    It configures and monitors SD-WAN networks on FortiGate devices that are managed by FortiManager.
B.    It acts as a standalone device to assist FortiManager to manage SD-WAN interfaces on the managed FortiGate devices.
C.    It acts as a hub FortiGate with an SD-WAN interface enabled and managed along with other FortiGate devices by FortiManager.
D.    It acts as an application that is released and signed by Fortinet to run as a part of management extensions on FortiManager.

Answer: BD


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