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[13-Apr-2018] New PassLeader NSE4 Dumps with VCE and PDF (New Questions)

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What does the command diagnose debuf fsso-polling refresh-user do?

A.    It refreshes user group information form any servers connected to the FortiGate using a collector agent.
B.    It refreshes all users learned through agentless polling.
C.    It displays status information and some statistics related with the polls done by FortiGate on each DC.
D.    It enables agentless polling mode real-time debug.

Answer: C

Why must you use aggressive mode when a local FortiGate IPsec gateway hosts multiple dialup tunnels?

A.    The FortiGate is able to handle NATed connections only with aggressive mode.
B.    FortiClient supports aggressive mode.
C.    The remote peers are able to provide their peer IDs in the first message with aggressive mode.
D.    Main mode does not support XAuth for user authentication.

Answer: B

Which statements about FortiGate inspection modes are true? (Choose two.)

A.    The default inspection mode is proxy based.
B.    Switching from proxy-based mode to flow-based, then back to proxy-based mode, will not result in the original configuration.
C.    Proxy-based inspection is not available in VDOMs operating in transparent mode.
D.    Flow-based profiles must be manually converted to proxy-based profiles before changing the inspection mode from flow based to proxy based.

Answer: AC

In a high availability (HA) cluster operating in active-active mode, which of the following correctly describes the path taken by the SYN packet of an HTTP session that is offloaded to a secondary FortiGate?

A.    Client > primary FortiGate > secondary FortiGate > primary FortiGate > web server.
B.    Client > secondary FortiGate > web server.
C.    Client > secondary FortiGate > primary FortiGate > web server.
D.    Client > primary FortiGate > secondary FortiGate > web server.

Answer: D

A FortiGate is operating in NAT/Route mode and configured with two virtual LAN (VLAN) sub-interfaces added to the same physical interface. Which statement about the VLAN IDs in this scenario is true?

A.    The two VLAN sub-interfaces can have the same VLAN ID only if they belong to different VDOMs.
B.    The two VLAN sub-interfaces must have different VLAN IDs.
C.    The two VLAN sub-interfaces can have the same VLAN ID only if they have IP addresses in the same subnet.
D.    The two VLAN sub-interfaces can have the same VLAN ID only if they have IP addresses in different subnets.

Answer: C

How can you format the FortiGate flash disk?

A.    Load the hardware test (HQIP) image.
B.    Execute the CLI command execute formatlogdisk.
C.    Load a debug FortiOS image.
D.    Select the format boot device option from the BIOS menu.

Answer: D

How do you configure inline SSL inspection on a firewall policy? (Choose two.)

A.    Enable one or more flow-based security profiles on the firewall policy.
B.    Enable the SSL/SSH Inspection profile on the firewall policy.
C.    Execute the inline ssl inspection CLI command.
D.    Enable one or more proxy-based security profiles on the firewall policy.

Answer: AB

Which traffic sessions can be offloaded to a NP6 processor? (Choose two.)

A.    IPv6
B.    RIP
C.    GRE
D.    NAT64

Answer: AD

An administrator has blocked Netflix login in a cloud access security inspection (CASI) profile. The administrator has also applied the CASI profile to a firewall policy. What else is required for the CASI profile to work properly?

A.    You must enable logging for security events on the firewall policy.
B.    You must activate a FortiCloud account.
C.    You must apply an application control profile to the firewall policy.
D.    You must enable SSL inspection on the firewall policy.

Answer: C

How does FortiGate look for a matching firewall policy to process traffic?

A.    From top to bottom, based on the sequence numbers.
B.    Based on best match.
C.    From top to bottom, based on the policy ID numbers.
D.    From lower to higher, based on the priority value.

Answer: A

How do you configure a FortiGate to do traffic shaping of P2P traffic, such as BitTorrent?

A.    Apply an application control profile allowing BitTorrent to a firewall policy and configure a traffic shaping policy.
B.    Enable the shape option in a firewall policy with service set to BitTorrent.
C.    Apply a traffic shaper to a BitTorrent entry in the SSL/SSH inspection profile.
D.    Apply a traffic shaper to a protocol options profile.

Answer: B

Which file names will match the *.tiff file name pattern configured in a data leak prevention filter? (Choose two.)

A.    tiff.tiff
B.    tiff.png
C.    tiff.jpeg
D.    gif.tiff

Answer: AD

An administrator has configured a dialup IPsec VPN with XAuth. Which method statement best describes this scenario?

A.    Only digital certificates will be accepted as an authentication method in phase 1.
B.    Dialup clients must provide a username and password for authentication.
C.    Phase 1 negotiations will skip pre-shared key exchange.
D.    Dialup clients must provide their local ID during phase 2 negotiations.

Answer: B

Which component of FortiOS performs application control inspection?

A.    Kernel
B.    Antivirus engine
C.    IPS engine
D.    Application control engine

Answer: D

Which of the following statements about policy-based IPsec tunnels are true? (Choose two.)

A.    They support GRE-over-IPsec.
B.    They can be configured in both NAT/Route and transparent operation modes.
C.    They require two firewall policies: one for each direction of traffic flow.
D.    They support L2TP-over-IPsec.

Answer: BC

What statement describes what DNS64 does?

A.    Converts DNS A record lookups to AAAA record lookups.
B.    Translates the destination IPv6 address of the DNS traffic to an IPv4 address.
C.    Synthesizes DNS AAAA records from A records.
D.    Translates the destination IPv4 address of the DNS traffic to an IPv6 address.

Answer: B

Which of the following statements are true when using Web Proxy Auto-discovery Protocol (WPAD) with the DHCP discovery method? (Choose two.)

A.    The browser sends a DHCPINFORM request to the DHCP server.
B.    The browser will need to be preconfigured with the DHCP server’s IP address.
C.    The DHCP server provides the PAC file for download.
D.    If the DHCP method fails, browsers will try the DNS method.

Answer: CD

What inspections are executed by the IPS engine? (Choose three.)

A.    Application control
B.    Flow-based data leak prevention
C.    Proxy-based antispam
D.    Flow-based web filtering
E.    Proxy-based antivirus

Answer: ABD


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