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Your FortiGate has multiple CPUs. You want to verify the load for each CPU. Which two commands will accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

A.    get system performance status
B.    diag system mpstat
C.    diag system cpu stat
D.    diag system top

Answer: AD

Referring to the configuration shown on the exhibit, which three statements are true? (Choose three.)

A.    Traffic logging is disabled in policy 96.
B.    TCP handshake is completed and no FIN/RST has been forwarded.
C.    No packet has hit this session in the last five minutes.
D.    No QoS is applied to this traffic.
E.    The traffic goes through a VIP applied to policy 96.

Answer: B

You are investigating a problem related to FTP active mode. You use a test PC with IP address to connect to the FTP server at and transfer a large file. The FortiGate translates source address (SNAT) in network to the IP address Which two groups of CLI commands allow you to see information related to this FTP connection? (Choose two.)


Answer: A

Referring to the exhibit, you want to know if aggregating port7 and port22 will work. Which statement is correct?

A.    Yes, LACP is supported on all ports regardless if they are connected to the same NP6.
B.    No, LACP is not supported on NP6 platforms.
C.    No, LACP is only supported on ports connected to the same NP6.
D.    Yes, LACP is supported on ports that are linked together with integrated Switch Fabric.

Answer: C

Referring to the command output shown on the exhibit, how many hosts are connected to the FortiGate?

A.    7
B.    6
C.    2
D.    256

Answer: B

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